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Construction Precleaners

Explore our construction precleaners, designed specifically for the heavy-duty work vehicles.


Constantly copied but never replicated— ORIGINAL turbo® Precleaners.

turbo® Precleaners full line of construction precleaners work to keep nothing but clean air flowing into the engines of your heavy-duty construction vehicles. No matter if you’re driving loaders, haulers, mixers, graders, crushers, commercial and off-road trucks,dump trucks, and more, turbo’s construction precleaners are built to take on the most rugged environments.

separate sediment, dirt, rock, dust, and other debris from the air intake, expelling sediment back into the environment and away from your engine. This expulsion ensures cleaner air enters your engine instead of debris, translating to a more efficient, longer lasting engine.

turbo’s patented “top-down” cyclone design separates all of the foreign dirt, dust, sediment and other debris— including the finest micro-dust particles— from the air entering your construction vehicle’s engine, expelling it down, out, and away from your engine’s air intake. Even in the dirtiest, dustiest environments, turbo’s construction precleaners WILL protect your engines.



“Top Down” air flow design

Our patented “top-down” air flow design takes in dirty air at the top of the unit and flushes it out at the base, leaving only clean air entering your vehicle’s engine.

Extends life of your engine

turbo’s cyclone designs keep even the smallest of micro-particles from entering your construction vehicles’ engines.

No charging, no cleaning

turbo precleaners require NO external power source and no charging. Fully self-cleaning, turbo allows you to focus on your work, not on having to remember to power up or maintain your precleaners. 

A full CFM range available

turbo’s construction precleaners are available in multiple models at a wide range of CFM to fit any and all equipment you’re operating.

A complete model line

All of our models of construction vehicle precleaners are available in various sizes for common and specific equipment. Can’t find a solution here? You won’t find it anywhere.

Prolongs your engine's life

turbo®’s construction precleaners promote long engine life, because when you can keep even the finest of particles out of your engine, you can expect little-to-no maintenance or performance loss.

Promotes maximum vehicle engine power

turbo precleaners not only maximize the life of your engine, but by keeping air circulation flowing clean, they also promote maximum engine power and efficiency.

Minimize down time

When your vehicles’ engines are protected from dust as minuscule as A SINGLE MICRON, you can expect little-to-no down time due to foreign debris entering your engine.

Clamp-on install is a snap

turbo precleaners clamp right on to your vehicle or machine. Install takes 2 minutes or less and requires NO wiring or special tools.

Backed by warranty

turbo construction precleaners are backed by a 2-year warranty, which is in part why they are the precleaners preferred by OEMs and equipment owners the world over.


turbo’s construction vehicle precleaners keep foreign particulate out of your engines, drawing in nothing but clean air. We offer a full product line, designed for all situations and for all makes, models, and sizes of construction machinery and vehicles.

Refer to our sizing chart to see the different sizes and CFM configurations offered for each model of precleaner, from the more tame environments to the most extreme. Regardless of what and where you’re operating, be sure to keep your engine breathing clean with turbo precleaners.

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turbo precleaner turbo 2 agriculture precleaner

The original precleaner

turbo precleaner turbo 2 bullnose agriculture precleaner

Undercover applications

turbo precleaner turbo hd agriculture precleaner

Catches 3X more debris

turbo precleaner turbo 3 agriculture precleaner

Glass-reinforced polymer

turbo precleaner turbo 3 flex-n-line agriculture precleaner

Rotary ejective precleaner

turbo precleaner power ram agriculture precleaner

Directional air flow

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    Construction Precleaners

    turbo® Precleaners are designed for the toughest jobs, done by the most powerful machines, in the harshest environments. From loaders, graders, haulers, mixers, crushers, dump trucks, on- and off-road trucks and more, our precleaners are built to take on the most extreme work environments.

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    Mining Precleaners

    Mining companies and equipment manufacturers rely on turbo® Precleaners to quickly and efficiently filter out debris, moisture, and dust particles as small as one micron. Unrestricted air flow relates to maximum equipment performance and reduced downtime.


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    Dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris can wreak havoc for engines in logging trucks and heavy equipment. That’s why the logging industry trusts turbo® Precleaners to promote high airflow for the highest engine power needed to get the job done.


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    Waste Management

    turbo® Precleaners keep the waste industry clean. With a fleet of vehicles and machines working year-round to process waste, power, and up-time is critical. Our product line ensures maximized uptime to your engines, which leads to significant cost and time savings for the life of your machinery.


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    Agriculture Precleaners

    Dirt, dust, mud, moisture, and clippings can spell disaster for agricultural machinery if not properly filtered away from your engines. For over 40 years, equipment owners, famers, and the agricultural OEMs themselves have relied on turbo® Precleaners to protect their engines.


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    turbo® Precleaners filter away gravel chips, dirt, dust, water, and airborne particulates from the critical engine parts in the heavy machinery and trucks used for mining and processing aggregates. Improved, clean air intake means maximum engine power, which means maximum profitability, and minimum maintenance downtime and costs.