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For the toughest environments, day in and day out.


Tough made tougher. The NEW turbo® HD packs the same great features as the turbo® II with an added layer of protection— ideal for the most extreme work environments.

Catches three times the debris

The turbo® HD additional prescreen adds more than 3 times the debris-catching surface area.

Cleaning is a breeze

The turbo® HD prescreen cleans out easily without ever having to take the unit apart.

Multiple prescreens available

turbo® HD prescreens available on the turbo® II Model 46 and Model 68.

Designed for agricultural and landfill vehicles

The turbo® HD is an absolute necessity for equipment used within landfill and agricultural environments.

Available retro-fit kit

The turbo® HD is also available as a retrofit kit for the turbo® II Model 46 and Model 68.

Prolongs engine life

The turbo® II precleaner prolongs the life of your engines by significantly reducing engine wear. It’s the precleaner of choice for equipment operators in the dustiest, dirtiest environments.

Promotes maximum engine power

turbo® II is critical to maintain effective engine breathing. When ventilation is clean and efficient, the engine performs at maximum efficiency and power.

Minimizes costly down time

turbo® II protects your engine from particulate as small as one micron. Maximum protection means little to no down time. Anywhere a high level of protection is needed and where dust is an issue, the turbo® II is a must.

Easy installation

turbo® II clamps on in mere minutes and requires no complicated installation or extensive tools.

Heavy duty stainless steel band clamp

turbo® II’s durable metal construction comes backed by a 2-year warranty. It’s the precleaner chosen by OEMs and equipment owners and operators worldwide for it’s efficiency and durability.

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The turbo® II HD features our infamous “top-down” air flow design, drawing in and forcing incoming air to spin downward, creating a highly effective separation of debris and particles from the air via centrifugal force. The result of the turbo II HD is the cleanest possible air flowing into your engine. The high-powered spinner in the base of the turbo® II HD also includes a lifetime warranty.

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turbo® Precleaners are tested to industry SAE J726 and ISO 5011 standards.