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Turbo 2 HD For work in extreme environments. Added layer of rugged steel adds THREE TIMES the debris-catching protection of the turbo II. Learn More Turbo 2 HD Turbo 2 HD turbo 2 bullnose turbo® II Bullnose performs it’s job in the toughest environments day in and day out. Learn More turbo 2 bullnose turbo 2 bullnose turbo precleaner turbo 2 max For the toughest environments,
& most unrelenting weather.
Twice the protection from dust, debris, dirt, particulate, and now— heavy rain, sleet, and snow. Learn More Turbo 2 Max
The Original PreCleaner Cleaner Air, Longer Engine Life. Learn More
The original precleaner
turbo 2 bullnose
Undercover applications
turbo 2 HD
Catches 3X more debris
turbo 3 precleaner
Glass-reinforced polymer
turbo 3 flex-n-line
Rotary ejective precleaner
turbo 3 power ram
Directional air flow


turbo® Precleaner manufactured by Maradyne Corporation is the original, patented precleaner that has been relied on for over 40 years to protect heavy-equipment machinery engines and maintain the value of owners investments.

We invented the precleaner and turbo continues to provide superior performance for our customers worldwide. We are determined to continue to be the brand our customers can trust and rely on for years to come.

Whether it’s our often-copied, but never equaled turbo II, or our newer turbo III product, we have the product for your application and we are continuing to innovate to meet the market demands. You can rest assured your turbo precleaner will continue to operate, usually beyond the life of your machine!

Top Industries Served


turbo® Precleaners are designed for the toughest jobs, done by the most powerful machines, in the harshest environments. From loaders, graders, haulers, mixers, crushers, dump trucks, on- and off-road trucks and more, our precleaners are built to take on the most extreme work environments.


Mining companies and equipment manufacturers rely on turbo® Precleaners to quickly and efficiently filter out debris, moisture, and dust particles as small as one micron. Unrestricted air flow relates to maximum equipment performance and reduced downtime.


Dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris can wreak havoc for engines in logging trucks and heavy equipment. That’s why the logging industry trusts turbo® Precleaners to promote high airflow for the highest engine power needed to get the job done.

Waste Management

turbo® Precleaners keep the waste industry clean. With a fleet of vehicles and machines working year-round to process waste, power, and up-time is critical. Our product line ensures maximized uptime to your engines, which leads to significant cost and time savings for the life of your machinery.


Dirt, dust, mud, moisture, and clippings can spell disaster for agricultural machinery if not properly filtered away from your engines. For over 40 years, equipment owners, famers, and the agricultural OEMs themselves have relied on turbo® Precleaners to protect their engines.


turbo® Precleaners filter away gravel chips, dirt, dust, water, and airborne particulates from the critical engine parts in the heavy machinery and trucks used for mining and processing aggregates. Improved, clean air intake means maximum engine power, which means maximum profitability, and minimum maintenance downtime and costs.

turbo® Precleaner is manufactured by Maradyne Corporation

Part of the Dreison International family of companies.